Welcome to Caring Malaysia

The health and happines of a nation are refected in the real quality of life that ordinary people lead.

The struggle for this quality of life, for peace and justice, for health and harmony, for respect and tolerance and for growth and success are rooted in the struggles of community groups.

History tells us it is these groups led by committed individuals who understand the "power of one" and the "power of many" that are the cutting edge for social transformation for a better world.

These groups - call them civil society, community groups, "Societies" or "Associations" or even that negative term "Non - Governmental Organisations (as opposite to Non - Peoples Organisations, I guess) - are the vanguard for change.

Malaysia has a magnificant tradition of such groups - local, national and global. They cover every area from human rights to humanitarian aid, from consumerism to environment, from children welfare to gender issues and a host of other issues including emerging issues such as transparency and integrity and interfaith dialogue.

This website is both a celebration of this dynamism of these people and groups, and also a resource for knowing them and about their work, their struggles and their achievements.

Do let us have updates and information about these and new groups who are part of the "caring" and sometimes "daring" society that Malaysia is fortunate to have.

Aslam Fazal
Surforever Sdn. Bhd.